Further Readings

Ruby, T.F. (2006). Listening to the Voices of Hijab. Women’s Studies International Forum 29(1): 54–66.

This article presents empirical research that explores the meaning of wearing hijab has for Muslim women.

Helpful Websites

Government of Canada: Freedom of Religion and Religious Symbols in the Public Sphere

This website discusses the legal regulation of religious practices in different cultural contexts

Inside Bountiful: Polygamy Investigation:

Polygamy is prohibited in Canada by the Criminal Code, but it is still practised by a small Fundamentalist Mormon community in Bountiful, British Columbia. This documentary explores the community’s claim that polygamy is a religious practice, which is a fundamental freedom protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Sons of Perdition:

This film tells the story of young men who have been banished from their fundamentalist Mormon, polygamist communities for a variety of reasons.

The Virgin Daughters:

This documentary follows fathers and their daughters as they prepare for the girls’ “purity ball.”

Cure for Love:

This documentary explores the controversial evangelical movement of converting gay people to heterosexuality by means of religious conversion.

The Last Days of the Okak:

This short documentary tells the story of an Inuit settlement in northern Labrador and the impact Moravian missionaries had on the community.