Further Readings

Coltrane, S.R. (1989). Household Labor and the Routine Production of Gender. Social Problems 36(5): 473–490.

This article examines how couples share unpaid domestic labour when both work outside the home.

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This article focuses on the relationship between men’s professional careers and fatherhood.

Helpful Websites

Canadian Human Rights Commission: Same Sex Marriages

This website provides insights pertaining to the legalization of same-sex unions

Childless By Choice Project:

This website explores the reasons behind the choice to remain child free

Thoroughly Modern Marriage:

This documentary discusses current trends pertaining to Canadian families and provides a number of different perspectives on “the modern family.”

Generation Boomerang:

This documentary examines why young adults stay at home longer than previous generation and why some return home after graduating from university.

Flying Solo:

This documentary explores why an increasing number of adults chooses to remain single.