Chapter 14 Popular Music Activity

One of the key themes of Chapter 14 is the ways in which popular music of the period was influenced by artists and styles that fell outside the margins of white American culture. The idea of the "outsider" played an important role in connecting American audiences with what was both foreign, and at the same time exciting and novel.

Listen to “Forever My Love” (J Balvin with Ed Sheern) (lyrics) on Spotify or another streaming service. (Note: Spotify may not provide full accessibility for all users.)


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Discussion Question

Choose a contemporary crossover artist of international renown, and analyze one of their songs based on the features that define their particular musical style. Note how their songs employ elements of their native culture, and to what extent those elements are fused with the styles that define popular music. Also include in your account how their lyrics serve to support or contradict any stereotypes related to male/female romantic relationships portrayed in popular culture.