The work-life balance legislation

ACAS guidance on the Working Time Regulations

McCann, ‘Travel Time as Working Time: Tyco, the Unitary Model and the Route to Casualisation’ (2016) 45 ILJ 244.

ACAS guidance on maternity leave, paternity leave and other family rights:

Court-Brown, ‘Is Lower Pay for Shared Parental Leave Discrimination? Ali v Capita Customer Management Ltd; Hextall v Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police’ (2020) 49 ILJ 626

James, ‘Family-friendly Employment Laws (Re)assessed: The Potential of Care Ethics’ (2016) 45 ILJ 477

ACAS guidance on flexible working

Rose, ‘Workplace Temporalities: A Time-Based Critique of the Flexible Working Provisions’ (2017) 46 ILJ 245. Examines the flexible working provisions of the Employment Rights Act against theoretical perspectives on working time.

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