Chapter 23

Web links - A summary of the Industrial Revolution by Yale University discusses numerous aspects of industry that were impacted. Outlined are some of the key characters in this time and movement. While this source is written as a lesson plan for teachers, students can gain just as much from the outline and featured discussion questions. - This New World Encyclopedia entry is concerned with the Treaty of Nanking. It describes why the treaty came about (First Opium War), what it did and why it is looked upon with a negative light in the modern day. The article also emphasizes Hong Kong as it was a key element of the Treaty. - Reuters provides an overview of the slave trade through a timeline of what countries banned slavery/the slave trade when and where. - This page comes from the UNESCO announcement to make sites from the Meiji Restoration in Japan marked historical sites. The page explains what qualifies the sites, the historical importance of these areas, and the Meiji restoration overall.