The United Nations

Contemporary international human rights is frequently focussed on the work of the United Nations. These websites provide links to further information on the work of the United Nations in promoting and advancing the protection of recognized international human rights.

The United Nations - The United Nations. This website contains links to all aspects of the work of the United Nations, allows documentation to be located and searched. - United Nations Human Rights. This website is the portal for human rights information under the auspices of the United Nations. It links to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, relevant treaties, background information and other salient UN publications. - United Nations Humanitarian Affairs. This website is the portal for information on humanitarian affairs and the United Nations. Areas linked to include refugees, landmines, children in armed conflict, disaster reduction strategies, and associated documentation. - Security Council of the United Nations. This website has information on the composition, role and powers of the United Nations Security Council as well as links to relevant documents. - International Court of Justice. All cases before the court can be traced, the docket link goes to a list of cases with further links to their current status. - General Assembly of the United Nations - Economic and Social Council information. ECOSOC was established under the Charter of the United Nations. It is supported by Commissions, two of which impact heavily of international human rights.

Principal UN related organizations

General - United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights. As already discussed, this is the principal website for researching the UN human rights activities. - United Nations Treaty Body Database. This is the main search engine for material produced by the treaty monitoring bodies

The following links to each of the treaty monitoring bodies go to a main page from which details of current and past sessions, the treaty itself, periodic reports and individual communications, general comments, and rules of procedure, as appropriate, can be traced.

Refugees - United Nations Refugee Agency. This site contains an array of information, documents and statistics on the work of the United Nations in support of refugees and the extent of the refugee problem facing the world today. Current areas/regions of concern are highlighted. - This link goes to a range of recent analyses of global trends in refugees.

Children - United Nations Children's Fund. This link not only provides information on UNICEF and children's rights but also accesses materials designed for education (of children) and information related to the contribution of children themselves to developing their rights. - May 2002 United Nations Special Session on Children. This website links to the General Assembly review of children's rights and children in the world today. - State of the World's Children report. Published in December each year, this is the annual review published by UNICEF on children's rights. Each report focuses on a key area. Back reports are available online.

Women - United Nations Internet Gateway on the Advancement and Empowerment of Women: Womenwatch. This website contains an array of information and resources on gender equality and empowerment of women. - United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women.

International Criminal Law - Interpol site on Human Trafficking. - The International Criminal Court is the current focus for International Criminal law and this website links to relevant information.

The work of the International Criminal Court is shaped and influenced by the work of the two ad hoc tribunals, both of which are accessible online. The following websites contains information on the jurisdiction, authorising texts, case law, and procedure of the ad hoc tribunal in question. They are updated regularly to provide instant access to emerging developments in international criminal law as applied through the tribunals. - International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia - UN Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals, legacy site for the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda - UN Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals