Short, World Regional Geography: A Short Introduction Student Resources

South Asia

An area created by sediments carried by a river.

A sect of Islam distinct from Shia in that its adherents do not believe that the succession of the Prophet Mohammed should be hereditary and follow family bloodlines.

The money that temporary and permanent migrants send back to their home country.

A legal system based on the precepts of Islam.

The conflict between the British and Russian Empires in the nineteenth century for dominance in Afghanistan and South Central Asia.

The highly disputed, militarized region that separates Southeast Pakistan and Northern India.

A member of the lowest caste in the traditional Indian caste system.

Currency from another country.

Involves utilizing fields and gardens over a wide area through rotation in time, as opposed to the fixed cultivation that is necessarily dominant in the densely populated South Asian region, for example.

Goods that come from agriculture, forestry, mining, and fishing.

A city that is the largest in the country and is the center of economic and political life.

A system of government that is ruled by the leaders of a religion, or based on the beliefs of a single religion.