South Asia

A group of people living outside of their homeland.

The division of British India into India and Pakistan in 1947.

Name given to the globally influential movie industry that dominates Indian culture, as well as the movie making complex in Mumbai where many productions originate.

Temporary unauthorized settlements on government land in Karachi, Pakistan.

A social system created by Hinduism and reinforced by the British in India, that is made up of social categories that determine not only position in the social hierarchy but also proportionate occupation, behaviors and mores such as eligible marriage partners.

A sect of Islam distinct from Shia in that its adherents do not believe that the succession of the Prophet Mohammed should be hereditary and follow family bloodlines.

An area where waters drains from and flows into a river or a number of tributaries.

The highly disputed, militarized region that separates Southeast Pakistan and Northern India.

An inventory strategy used by companies to meet immediate demand.

A system of government that is ruled by the leaders of a religion, or based on the beliefs of a single religion.

A method for mapping which references the relevant complex social geographies.

Refers to the movement from a more centralized form of economy to a freer, market-based economy.