South East Asia

A climate marked by seasonal changing winds that bring in heavy rain.

The belief that non-human entities have spirits, prominent among hunter-gatherers yet evolving into subsequent cultures.

Currency from another country.

A religion in Bali that combines Hinduism and Buddhism as well as ancestor worship and animism.

An agricultural system in which temporary clearings are cropped for fewer years than they are allowed to remain fallow and involve "slash and burn" clearing practices.

A country in which the city and the state are essentially one and the same.

An forested area in the tropics marked by substantial rainfall.

The region that includes Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam.

Islamic religious school.

Refers to a situation in which the concentration of a nation's population in just one city.

Popular protest against the military junta of Myanmar in 2007. Buddhist monks played an important role.

The recreation of a transnational authority guided by Islamic principles and is a long held belief of many Sunni fundamentalists.