A Global Context

A logarithmic scale that measure seismic disturbances from 1 to 10.

Adapting to the challenges of climate change.

Occurs when birth rates fall to a point that requires less investment in the very young, but before more investment is required on the elderly, and results in the relative and absolute increase of younger, more productive workers.

When water is too warm coral will eject the algae in their tissues making them turn white. It is a sign of stress and an indicator of poor health and even the death of the coral.

A scientific organization established by the United Nations to provide objective information on climate change and its possible impacts

The economic and political alliance of most European countries.

Attempts to reduce climate change

A change in climate that takes different forms across the globe.

The period around 1800, centered in Britain, in which manufacturers rapidly discovered and implemented new ways of creating products.

The 750-mile active zone between he Pacific and North American plates that runs from San Francisco down to southern California.

A layer of soil that remains frozen all the year round.

A model of different stages that begins with high birth and death rates, moves through increasing birth rated and declining death rates to low birth rates and long life expectancy.