Alternative Views

1. What are the major differences among realism, liberalism, and constructivism? (Learning Objective 2)

2. Why are constructivist concepts more appropriate to explain the changes after 1989 than realist explanations? (Learning Objective 2)

3. How does Marxism differ from Leninism? (Learning Objective 3)

4. Why has the global financial crisis revived some of the conflict theories? (Learning Objective 3)

5. What are the important individual factors that affect decision making? Use examples to illustrate your points. (Learning Objective 4)

6. What factors at the state level help explain why different states can respond differently to the same international situation? Use examples. (Learning Objective 6)

7. Describe the key events of the Cuban missile crisis and apply concepts from this chapter to explain why the crisis developed and how it was resolved. (Learning Objective 6)

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