Realism and Liberalism

1. What are the strengths and weaknesses of a bipolar order? (Learning Objective 2)

2. Which of the international orders would BEST describe our world today: unipolar, bipolar, or multipolar? (Learning Objective 2)

3. Which historical examples illustrate global power shifts in international relations? Did they result in more or less stability? (Learning Objective 2)

4. What are some of the distinguishing differences between realism and liberalism? Which is the better approach to international relations? Support your opinion. (Learning Objectives 1–6)

5. What alternative perspectives gained ground compared to the realist perspective after the Cold War? (Learning Objectives 3, 4)

6. Do you agree with liberals who argue that freer trade fosters stability? (Learning Objective 4)

7. What is the value of the democratic peace concept? What are its challenges? (Learning Objective 4)

8. Do you consider the European Union to be a success story of liberalism? (Learning Objective 6)

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