Chapter 11 Essay Questions

Chapter 11 Essay Questions


1.  In what ways have Western philosophers traditionally marginalized and shown disrespect for women? How does feminist ethics seek to address this problem? Do you think it succeeds? Why or why not?


2.   Compare and contrast the ethics of care with one of the ethical theories discussed previously. What advantages do you think the ethics of care has over the alternative theory you’ve chosen? In what ways is the other theory preferable? Which do you think is ultimately more satisfactory, and why?


3.   Write an essay discussing the ethical value of impartiality. Why do feminists downplay the importance of impartiality, and why have other philosophers held it to be important? Is impartiality an important ethical value or not? Defend your answers.


4.   What is the difference between description and prescription? In what ways is feminist ethics committed to both? Why does Lindemann claim that the feminist approach to ethics is more descriptive than other approaches? Do you agree with her that this is a good thing? Defend your answers.


5.   Write an essay critically examining Lindemann’s remarks on gender. First, present Lindemann’s account of what gender is and the role it plays in society. Then, present what you take to be the most powerful objection to Lindemann’s view. Do you think she can overcome the objection? Defend your answer.

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