Moral Problems

General Resources

A database of philosophy articles and books: PhilPapers

A blog dedicated to ethical analysis of current events: Practical Ethics: Ethics in the News

An academic blog on ethics and value theory: Pea Soup: Philosophy, Ethics, Academia

American Philosophical Association Teaching Resources: APA Teaching Resources

Two encyclopedias of philosophy:

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

A YouTube video series introducing Ethics: Crash Course Ethics

An series of 1000-word essays on philosophical
questions, figures, and arguments: 1000 Word Philosophy: An Introductory Anthology

Moral Problems

Poverty and Hunger:



The Life You Can Save


On Euthanasia


Against euthanasia

In favor of euthanasia


On Immigration

Center for Immigration Studies

US Citizenship and Immigration Services

Made Into America: Immigrant Stories Archive

United Nations: Refugees and Migrants

Animal welfare:

On Animal Welfare

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

The Humane Society of the United States

Environmental issues:

On Environmental Issues

Environmental Defense Fund

Sierra Club

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change


On Abortion

Against abortion (1)

Against abortion (2)

Pro-choice (1)

Pro-choice (2)

Capital punishment:

On Punishment

Death Penalty Information Center

Against capital punishment

In favor of capital punishment

Center on Wrongful Convictions

Gun Control

Interactive data on gun deaths in the United States

PEW Research Center

National Rifle Association:

Everytown for Gun Safety

The Legacy of Racism:

On Racism

Information about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Information on implicit bias

Black Lives Matter

Affirmative Action

Information from the U.S. Dept. of Labor

Information from the National Conference of State Legislatures

In favor of affirmative action

Against affirmative action

Drug laws:

On moral arguments against drug use

Against the “War on Drugs”

United States Drug Enforcement Agency

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