Colonists on the Margins, 1565–1640

Hoping to limit Pequot power, unite their own communities, and reduce English pressure on their lands, the Narrangansett, Connecticut, and Mohegan Indians sparked the __________.

Franciscans attemtped to force Pueblos to abandon their traditional religious beliefs by destroying their __________.

Puritans wanted to create an ideal religious community through the __________.

Pueblo societies had different gender norms from the Spanish, exemplified by their __________ social organization.

The Puritans used a __________ to determine whether potential church members were really members of God's elect.

Plymouth colony was a __________, limiting risk to its investors.

__________ agreed to serve their masters for a period of years in exchange for passage to the Americas.

Puritans were trying to cleanse the __________ of the last vestiges of Catholicism.

Sir Walter Raleigh used the __________ to gain more support for the establishment of English colonies in North America.

The loss of __________ combined with increasing population pushed many poor English people to seek opportunities in the Americas.

The __________ in Virginia was English North America's first representative assembly.

The __________ put an end to the religious civil wars that had rocked France in the last decades of the 16th century.