California was admitted as a free state as part of the __________.

The __________ ruled that Congress could not legislate on slavery in the territories and threatened to nationalize slavery.

Stephen Douglas introduced the __________, hoping that it would alleviate sectional conflict.

Mixed-race people in Louisiana were typically called __________.

The __________ required state officials to aid in the return of fugitive slaves.

John Brown's raid on __________ ended in failure but inflamed sectional tensions across the country, capping a tumultuous decade.

Cantonese referred to California as __________, or 'Gold Mountain', during the 1850s.

The __________ briefly rose to power in the 1850s, but the party fell after taking a stance on the Kansas-Nebraska Act.

In __________, the Supreme Court ruled that states could not pass laws inhibiting the return of fugitive slaves.

It was not until the Civil War, when Southerners were no longer in Congress, that a bill supporting the __________ could pass.