Mary Rowlandson's captivity narrative was one of the works that kept __________ alive in New Englanders' memories for decades after the conflict.

In the face of a smallpox epidemic that decimated the Iroquois, they took up arms against the Huron in what became known as the __________.

The __________ showed the growing importance of the colonies to England and attempted to control all the trade in and out of English America.

Though it failed, __________ provoked the king to reduce taxes on Virginia and remove Governor Berkeley.

The brief period of unity during the __________ broke apart in the years afterward, eventually leading to the return of the Spanish in New Mexico.

Challenging French dominance of the fur trade, the __________ had more goods for trade and paid better prices for furs.

The __________ had a monopoly over the English Atlantic slave trade.

As the struggle between Parliamentarians and royalists divided the colonies, the __________ initiated a period of dramatic upheaval.

The first of its kind in the English colonies, the __________ fostered white racial solidarity at the same time it sought to control blacks.

Many colonists cheered the news of the __________ because they had chafed under many of King James's policies.

The __________ took away colonists' political power and threatened their property under King James II.

__________ economic policy shaped imperial policy, ensuring that the colonies sent their raw materials to and only bought goods from the mother country.