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French converts to Calvinism, called __________ attacked Spanish shipping in the Caribbean.

As part of the Catholic Reformation, the __________ aided Spanish colonization while they sought converts in the Americas.

The largest city of the __________ culture, Cahokia, extracted tribute from their neighbors and built a large urban center near present-day St. Louis.

__________ served as missionaries in the Americas, hoping that they could re-create the early Christian communities there and bring about the second coming by preaching the gospels in every language.

__________ rapidly became Española's most profitable export.

__________ thought that a body composed of ministers and elders should oversee church affairs and that local officials should uphold religious orthodoxy.

__________ wanted to completely remove all vestiges of Catholicism from the Church of England.

Without the resources to mount their own military efforts against the Muslims on the Iberian peninsula, the Spanish crown granted __________ to those who aided the reconquista.

Columbus's return to Española in 1493 set in motion the __________.

The __________ ended in 1492, removing Islamic peoples from the Iberian peninsula.

Authorization from the crown allowed __________ to engage in a quasi-legal form of pirate activity.

After the pope first granted the Americas to Spain, the __________ divided the world between Spain and Portugal.