Schaller et al, American Horizons, U.S. History in a Global Context 3e Student Resources

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The first Frenchman to attempt to colonize the New World was __________.

__________ rapidly became Española's most profitable export.

After the pope first granted the Americas to Spain, the __________ divided the world between Spain and Portugal.

Authorization from the crown allowed __________ to engage in a quasi-legal form of pirate activity.

Without the resources to mount their own military efforts against the Muslims on the Iberian peninsula, the Spanish crown granted __________ to those who aided the reconquista.

French converts to Calvinism, called __________ attacked Spanish shipping in the Caribbean.

Columbus's return to Española in 1493 set in motion the __________.

The largest city of the __________ culture, Cahokia, extracted tribute from their neighbors and built a large urban center near present-day St. Louis.

__________ served as missionaries in the Americas, hoping that they could re-create the early Christian communities there and bring about the second coming by preaching the gospels in every language.

__________ wanted to completely remove all vestiges of Catholicism from the Church of England.

Most Protestants demanded that __________ enforce religious conformity.

__________ thought that a body composed of ministers and elders should oversee church affairs and that local officials should uphold religious orthodoxy.