Sexually Transmitted Infections

The Tuskegee Timeline
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website offers more information related to the Tuskegee syphilis study.

Time: Scarlet Letter
The 1982 Time magazine cover depicting the “Scarlet Letter” of herpes.

Chlamydia Testing
An example of people testing themselves for chlamydia by using a self-sampling kit and sending the swab to a lab for analysis.

Genital Herpes Counselling Tool
This is the Government of Canada website for a genital herpes counselling tool.

More information about U = U on the i-Base website.

Molluscum Contagiosum
An overview of another viral condition, molluscum contagiosum, that is considered an STI when it appears in the genitals.

Sex & U
A website containing more information about contraception, safer sex, sexual function, sexual communication, and relationships.

One Condoms
A website to learn about the wide range of external condoms that are made to fit penises of all sizes.

How To: External and Internal Condoms
Some really good graphics concerning how to use external and internal condoms.

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