Contraception and Pregnancy Options

United Nations: Population Division
This website illustrates the stance and efforts of the United Nations around family planning.

China: One-Child Policy
Additional information about China’s one-child policy.

External and Internal Condoms
A great resource on how to use external and internal condoms from Teen Health Source.

Clinical Guidelines
The latest clinical guidelines on a variety of topics from the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada.

Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights
A website to learn more about Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights.

Guttmacher Institute: Overview of Abortion Laws
The Guttmacher Institute website for up-to-date information about abortion laws in the US.

The World’s Abortion Laws
An interactive map on the world’s abortion laws.

Adoption in Canada
The main website for more information on adoption in Canada.

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