Pregnancy and Childbirth

My Brother’s Pregnancy
An article offering a more detailed look into one individual’s experience of pregnancy as a trans man.

Reducing C-sections
The WHO’s guidelines for information on reducing C-sections.

Pregnancy 101
A four-minute video from National Geographic on the science of pregnancy from conception, through the three trimesters, to labour and delivery.

Postpartum Support International
A website to learn more about postpartum health, mental health, and resources.

Post-Baby Hanky Panky: Keeping the Spark Alive
A series of short videos describing recent research on psychological risk and protective factors affecting both the sexual and relationship satisfaction of new parents.

UNICEF and Chestfeeding
UNICEF website, for more information on chestfeeding.

Marijuana Use During Pregnancy
A Health News article on why experts are worried about marijuana use during pregnancy (often to treat the nausea associated with morning sickness).

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