Sexual Health Education in Canada

Sexual Health Education: Nine Core Principles
Visit the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada’s website for information about the nine core principles outlined in the Canadian Guidelines.

Sexual Wellness Center: Pornhub
Read more about Pornhub’s Sexual Wellness Center.

Digital and Media Literacy
Find out more about digital and media literacy resources by MediaSmarts.

Ontario Kids Protest Sex Ed Changes
An excellent and informational video about why Ontario kids protested the proposed 2019 sex ed changes.

Indigenous Women’s Health
The Aboriginal Women's Health website is a resource on sexual and reproductive health within an Indigenous cultural context in Canada.

Centre for Sexuality
Excellent information on sexual health topics, programs, and workshops in Calgary.

Sex and Disability: Sex & U
The Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada's website provides information about addressing sexual issues for those with physical disabilities.

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