Visualizing Sex as a Spectrum
Excellent graphics from Scientific American visualizing the diversity of intersex and complexity of sex determination.

Gonads: X and Y
A Radiolab podcast for an in-depth discussion of current research and history of the science of the genetics of sex.

A Map of Gender-Diverse Cultures
An interactive map visualizing gender-diverse cultures worldwide.

What Do We Really Know About Male Desire?
A thought-provoking Globe and Mail article on sexual desire in men.

Emily Quinn: The Way We Think About Biological Sex Is Wrong
A TEDWomen talk by Emily Quinn, sharing her experience of being intersex.

TransYouth Project
Click here to visit Dr Kristina Olson’s website featuring her work on the TransYouth Project.

Trans Youth CAN!
Dr Greta Bauer and Dr Margaret Lawson’s Trans Youth Can! Project website.

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