Psychopharmacology 3e Chapter 6 Outline



Serotonin Synthesis, Release, and Inactivation

Serotonin synthesis is regulated by enzymatic activity and precursor availability
Similar processes regulate storage, release, and inactivation of serotonin and the catecholamines
Box 6.1 History of Psychopharmacology  “Ecstasy”—Harmless Feel-Good Drug, Dangerous Neurotoxin, or Miracle Medication?

Organization and Function of the Serotonergic System

The serotonergic system originates in the brainstem and projects to all forebrain areas
The firing of dorsal raphe serotonergic neurons varies with behavioral state and in response to rewards and punishments
There is a large family of serotonin receptors, most of which are metabotropic
Multiple approaches have identified several behavioral and physiological functions of serotonin
Box 6.2 The Cutting Edge Serotonin and Aggression