Psychopharmacology 3e Chapter 14 Outline

Marijuana and the Cannabinoids


Background and History of Cannabis and Marijuana

Forms of cannabis and their chemical constituents
History of cannabis

Basic Pharmacology of Marijuana


Mechanisms of Action

Cannabinoid effects are mediated by cannabinoid receptors
Pharmacological and genetic studies reveal the functional roles of cannabinoid receptors
Endocannabinoids are cannabinoid receptor agonists synthesized by the body

Acute Behavioral and Physiological Effects of Cannabinoids

Cannabis consumption produces a dose-dependent state of intoxication
Marijuana use can lead to deficits in memory and other cognitive processes
Rewarding and reinforcing effects of cannabinoids have been studied in both humans and animals

Cannabis Abuse and the Effects of Chronic Cannabis Exposure

Chronic use of cannabis can lead to the development of a cannabis use disorder
Chronic cannabis use can lead to adverse behavioral, neurobiological, and health effects
Box 14.1 Of Special Interest Beyond Cannabis: The Rise of Synthetic Cannabinoids