Psychopharmacology 3e Chapter 1 Outline

Principles of Pharmacology


Pharmacology: The Science of Drug Action

Placebo effect
Box 1.1 Pharmacology in Action Naming Drugs

Pharmacokinetic Factors Determining Drug Action

Methods of drug administration influence the onset of drug action
Multiple factors modify drug absorption
Drug distribution is limited by selective barriers
Depot binding alters the magnitude and duration of drug action
Biotransformation and elimination of drugs contribute to bioavailability

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Box 1.2 Pharmacology in Action Interspecies Drug Dose Extrapolation

Pharmacodynamics: Drug–Receptor Interactions

Box 1.3 Pharmacology in Action Drug Categories
Extracellular and intracellular receptors have several common features
Dose–response curves describe receptor activity
The therapeutic index calculates drug safety
Receptor antagonists compete with agonists for binding sites

Biobehavioral Effects of Chronic Drug Use

Repeated drug exposure can cause tolerance
Chronic drug use can cause sensitization

Pharmacogenetics and Personalized Medicine in Psychiatry