Chapter 4 Residential transaction case study

Taking instructions and other initial matters

Our clients:
1. Shilpa Jennings - sale of 19 Minster Yard Blakey
2. Shilpa Jennings and Daniel Rodriguez - purchase of 9 Castle Hill Blakey

We act for Shilpa Jennings ('Shilpa') who is selling 19 Minster Yard Blakey for ?100,000 and Shilpa and Daniel Rodriguez ('Daniel') who are buying 9 Castle Hill Blakey for ?200,000 to include chattels.

Purchase of 9 Castle Hill Blakey

After taking initial instructions we will send our client our Terms and conditions of business together with an Estimate of conveyancing charges and co-ownership options enclosed with an initial letter to the clients purchasing 9 Castle Hill Blakey. For useful guidance on taking instructions and giving advice please see the list of key points we have put together.