Chapter 12 Residential transaction case study

Pre-completion procedures

Our clients:
1. Shilpa Jennings - sale of 19 Minster Yard Blakey
2. Shilpa Jennings and Daniel Rodriguez - purchase of 9 Castle Hill Blakey

We act for Shilpa Jennings ('Shilpa') who is selling 19 Minster Yard Blakey for ?100,000 and Shilpa and Daniel Rodriguez ('Daniel') who are buying 9 Castle Hill Blakey for ?200,000.

Sale of 19 Minster Yard

We should complete the Completion Information and Undertakings (2nd Edition) Form for this property which we received from the buyer's solicitors. (The form can be viewed on the Law Society website at

Purchase of 9 Castle Hill

The results of the following pre-completion searches have been obtained and they reveal no adverse entries:

We should also receive the Completion Information and Undertakings (2nd Edition) Form from the seller's solicitors duly completed and check that it is in order

We should ensure that we are in receipt of cleared funds to complete (monies coming from our client lender and our client purchasers respectively).

We should advise our clients to carry out a final physical inspection of the property before completion.