Chapter 15 Residential transaction case study

Delays and remedies

Delays and remedies

Our clients:
1. Shilpa Jennings - sale of 19 Minster Yard Blakey
2. Shilpa Jennings and Daniel Rodriguez - purchase of 9 Castle Hill Blakey

We act for Shilpa Jennings ('Shilpa') who is selling 19 Minster Yard Blakey for ?100,000 and Shilpa and Daniel Rodriguez ('Daniel') who are buying 9 Castle Hill Blakey for ?200,000.

The completion of sale of 19 Minster Yard was due yesterday but the buyers failed to complete on time. Acting for the seller you need to protect her by taking action under the terms of the contract.

The protection

The seller can claim interest under the standard conditions on the unpaid monies and can serve a notice to complete. In this instance the notice to complete is in the form of a letter from the seller's solicitors to the solicitors acting for the buyer.