Chapter 14 Residential transaction case study

Post-completion procedures

Post-completion procedures

Our clients:
1. Shilpa Jennings - sale of 19 Minster Yard Blakey
2. Shilpa Jennings and Daniel Rodriguez - purchase of 9 Castle Hill Blakey

We act for Shilpa Jennings ('Shilpa') who is selling 19 Minster Yard Blakey (registered title) for ?100,000 and Shilpa and Daniel Rodriguez ('Daniel') who are buying 9 Castle Hill Blakey (unregistered title) for ?200,000.

Sale of 19 Minster Yard

As completion has taken place we will need to comply with our undertakings given on completion to the buyer's solicitor to discharge the two mortgages on the property out of the proceeds of sale. We will send Form DS1 to each of the two mortgagees for execution and return to us for onward transmission to our buyer's solicitors.

We will discharge the estate agents' commission account in accordance with our client's instructions.

Purchase of 9 Castle Hill

As completion has taken place we will need to submit Form SDLT1 to HM Revenue and Customs (preferably online) and pay the Stamp Duty Land Tax owing (?2,000) within 28 days of completion. Upon receipt of the Land Transaction Certificate (SDLT5) from HM Customs and Revenue we will apply for first registration by completing Land Registry Form FR1 and ensure that our FR1 application is submitted within two months of completion.

The documents to accompany Form FR1 (listed on Form DL) are:

Form TR1 (i.e. purchase deed)
Mortgage deed to English Widows Plc + certified copy
SDLT5 (certificate of payment of stamp duty land tax)
The unregistered title deeds, i.e.
Conveyance of 4 May 1987
? Certified copy death certificate of Mildred Harriet Doyle
? Conveyance dated 28 January 1957 (which contains covenants)