Chapter 11 Problem questions and answer guidance

The purchase deed


Your firm acts for David Hobbs and Stephen Christopher Ingles both of 7 Brookfield Lane, Basingstoke, Hants BR1 7JK in their purchase as tenants in common in equal shares of land to the rear of 10 Ellesmere Close, Hereford for £70,000. The land they are buying forms part of a registered title number KM 74859 comprising the whole of 10 Ellesmere Close. The seller is Ingrid Kirsten Smits. Contracts were exchanged last week for completion three weeks today. The contract provides for the grant of easements to your clients and corresponding reservations in favour of Ms. Smits. It also provides for the buyers to enter into restrictive covenants with the seller. The contract provides for a full title guarantee and incorporates the Standard Conditions of Sale. Your principal has asked you to deal with the post-contract conveyancing work and has passed you the file.

(a)     Having regard to the Standard Conditions and other matters, explain what factors are relevant so far as the submission, approval and execution of the purchase deed are concerned. (5 marks)

(b)     Identify and explain the contents of the purchase deed that would be acceptable to both buyer and seller. (15 marks)

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