Web Links for Ancient Greece

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Chapter 1

Perseus Digital Library Project (Tufts University)

Resources for the study of ancient Greece (College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University)

Ancient Greek history on the web (John R. Lenz, Drew University)

Collapse of Bronze Age Greece (In Our Time, BBC)

Timeline of Minoan art (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Minoan “Bull Leaper” statue (British Museum)


Timeline of Mycenaean art (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Excavations of Mycenaean Pylos (Smithsonian Magazine)


Chapter 2

Early Iron Age Greece (Bert Lott, Vassar College)

Iron Age (In Our Time, BBC)


Lefkandi excavations (University of Oxford)

Homer’s Iliad, performed (OUP)


Homer (Britannica)

Homer’s Odyssey (Internet Classics Archive, MIT)

Homer’s Iliad (Internet Classics Archive, MIT)

Late Geometric period vases (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Chapter 3

Timeline of Archaic Greek art (Metropolitan Museum)

Hoplite phalanx (Livius)

Hoplite illustration (Clarke University)

Sappho (In Our Time podcast, BBC)

Presocratics: background (Wesley Wildman, Boston University)

Hesiod (Livius)

Hesiod’s Theogony (Michael Griffin, University of British Columbia)


Olympic games (Perseus Digital Library Project, Tufts)

Olympic games (Stuff You Missed in History Class)


Chapter 4

Sparta resources (California State University, Northridge)

Sparta (In Our Time podcast, BBC)


Sparta, Lecture 8 (Donald Kagan, Yale)


Sparta, Lecture 9 (Donald Kagan, Yale)


Sayings of Spartan Women by Plutarch (University of Chicago)


Life of Lycurgus by Plutarch (University of Chicago)


Lycurgus (Britannica)


Helots (Livius)

Peloponnesian League (Livius)

Chapter 5

Athens timeline (OUP)

Athenian Democracy (Demos)

Solon (California State University, Northridge)

Persian Wars shipwrecks (Texas A&M University)

Darius I (Britannica)


Marathon (Livius)

Marathon (Stuff You Missed in History Class)


Salamis (Livius)

Thermopylae (In Our Time, BBC)


Chapter 6

Delian League (Livius)

Athenian democracy (BBC)


Pericles (Livius)

Pericles (Janice Siegel, Hampden-Sydney College)

Temple of Zeus (Allen Streeter Farber, SUNY Oneonta)

The Athenian Empire (Donald Kagan, Yale)


Pindar’s Odes (Project Gutenberg)

Acropolis (Calvin College)

Parthenon (Reed College)

Parthenon sculpture (British Museum)


Agora (Stoa)

Herodotus (Livius)

Herodotus (The New Yorker)


Thucydides (Livius)

Thucydides (In Our Time, BBC)


Greek tragedy (Michael Webster, Grand Valley State University)

Sophists (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Chapter 8

Peloponnesian War (Livius)

Thucydides’ Peloponnesian War (University of Adelaide)

Athenian plague (Indiana University Bloomington)

Athenian plague (Scientific American)


Oligarchic coup


Life of Alcibiades, by Plutarch (University of Calgary)

Euripides’ Trojan Women (California State University, Northridge)

Chapter 9
Socrates (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Socrates (Clarke University)

Plato (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Aristotle (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Aristotle (University of California Berkeley)

Aristotle’s Ethics (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Aristotle’s Politics (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Xenophon (In Our Time, BBC)


Chapter 10

Macedonia (Livius)

Macedonia (Stoa)

Timeline of Macedonian art (Metropolitan Museum of Art)


Philip (Livius)

Macedonia tomb at Vergina (Greek Ministry of Culture)

Tomb of Philip (National Geographic)

Philip (Donald Kagan, Yale University)


Chaeronea (Livius)

Chapter 11

Alexander (Livius)

Alexander (In Our Time, BBC)

Battle of Hydaspes (Stuff You Missed in History Class)

Alexander’s last days (Livius)

Alexander (John Paul Adams, California State University, Northridge)

Alexander (Cedar Rapids Museum of Art)

Amphipolis (Greek Ministry of Culture)


Alexander’s tomb (Archaeology)


Chapter 12

Timeline of Hellenistic art (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

Hellenistic world (Wesley Wildman, Boston University)

Hellenistic world (Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Epicureanism (Syracuse University)

Epicureanism (In Our Time, BBC)


Perdiccas (Livius)


Egypt in the Ptolemaic Period (Metropolitan Museum of Art)


The Ptolemies (Livius)


Antigonus (Livius)


Antigonid Dynasty (Britannica)


Seleucids (Livius)



Pyrrhus (Plutarch, University of Chicago)


Mithridates (Livius)


Carthage (Stuff You Missed in History Class)


Julius Caesar (In Our Time, BBC)


Cleopatra (The History Chicks)


Cleopatra (Smithsonian Magazine)


Augustus (British Museum and BBC)


Augustus (Suetonius, University of Chicago)


Timeline of ancient Roman art (Metropolitan Museum of Art)

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