Web links: Sites specifically dealing with topics of physiological interest

Web links: Sites specifically dealing with topics of physiological interest

A very useful site with links to a whole range of topics in Anatomy and Physiology, it covers the main body systems. Not all sites are of the highest quality but a very good place to start.

Interactive multimedia tutorials and tests are available for aortic and mitral
valve disease etc. Good animations, useful coverage of cardiac cycle, heart sounds and ECG abnormalities.

An excellent website for the general public, students and professional scientists. It covers most topics relating to the ear and hearing. In English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.
An excellent resource with a wide variety of ECG traces illustrating many different pathologies.

A very good resource for topics in clinical endocrinology. Registration is free and the various articles are well referenced.

The web site of the American Heart Association. A wide variety of information, mostly for the general public but has useful links to other health related web sites.

A site with online self-test material for basic anatomy of the major body systems.

A very helpful tutorial on blood groups, with some problems to test your knowledge.

A web site covering clinical aspects of cardiovascular physiology, it includes topics such as heart failure, hypertension and oedema.

The web site of the American National Kidney Foundation. Elementary discussion of renal function but useful information on renal disease.

The web site of the Renal Association of the UK. Useful information about clinical tests including a useful resource for urine microscopy.

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