"Sanity and the Metaphysics of Responsibility" Discussion Questions

Susan Wolf
  1. Wolf raises the problem of self-creation for Deep-Self Views. Does Wolf think this is a problem? Why or why not? Do you agree with her? Give reasons for your position.
  2. Describe Wolf’s JoJo case. Do you agree with Wolf that JoJo isn’t responsible? What might JoJo’s victims think about this? Write an essay defending Wolf’s claim or objecting to it, keeping in mind JoJo’s victims’ perspectives.
  3. Do you agree with Wolf that the Sane Deep-Self View is sufficient for moral responsibility? Why or why not? Be sure to consider possible objections to the position you defend.
  4. Consider the objections to Wolf’s view that she considers at the end of her essay. How does she propose to solve these problems? Are her solutions convincing? Why or why not? How might her opponents respond to them?
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