"Neurophilosophy" Discussion Questions

Patricia Churchland
  1. Explain the disagreement between physicalists and dualists. Why does Churchland prefer physicalism? What is one way that a dualist might argue against Churchland, and how does she respond? Whose view do you find more convincing? Why?
  2. What is neurophilosophy? What is an alternative approach to answering philosophical questions? Which of these approaches do you find more convincing? Why?
  3. Explain dualism and why it leads to the mind/body problem. What is this problem? What are different views that a dualism might hold with respect to it, according to Churchland’s discussion? Why doesn’t she find these views convincing? Do you think Churchland is right?
  4.  Explain the point of Quine’s “dogma.” What does this tell us about the nature of doing philosophy? How does it support neurophilosophy? Do you agree with Quine and Churchland? Why/why not?
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