Chapter 9 Questions for reflection and discussion

  1. Should the legal professions be fused?
  2. What dangers arise from increased regulation of the legal professions by the current regulatory structure? What are the benefits of increased regulation of the legal profession through a statutory regulatory framework? How far can regulators drive competition and efficiency in the delivery of legal services?
  3. Are any professional restrictive practices justified in the public interest? If so, which?
  4. Is the independence of the legal profession important? Why?
  5. What new forms of legal practice should be permitted?
  6. How far can the use of AI lead to innovation in the delivery of legal services?
  7. Do all interactions between lawyers and clients have to be face-to-face?
  8. Does legal journalism provide fair coverage of all the work of the legal profession?
  9. How can ethical lawyering be encouraged?
  10. How can judicial diversity best be promoted?
  11. Should any limits be imposed on the types of person entitled to be appointed to the judiciary (including the tribunal judiciary)?
  12. Do we have too many judges?
  13. Should legal academics play a greater role in shaping the legal system and informing the public about their legal rights and obligations?
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