Archive of pages of historical material on the development of the Civil Justice system.
Home page for the Supreme Court. Includes links to the reported decisions of the Supreme Court.

Archive of reported decisions of the House of Lords from November 1996 to July 2009

Introduction to the High Court, including the Business and Property Courts
Introductory page to the Courts and Tribunals service
Links to reported cases, other than those of the Supreme Court.
Introduction to work and reports of the Civil Justice Council.

Civil procedure rules
Site providing links to the full text of the Civil procedure rules, practice directions and protocols.
Introduction to the work of the Civil Procedure Rules committee. They hold occasional open days; information about these is available on this site.
Site concerning making money claims on-line.
Site concerning making possession claims on-line.

Alternative/appropriate dispute resolution
Website of the Civil Mediation Council, a body representing ADR providers.
Home page of the Academy of Experts, the body which represents the interest of expert witnesses in court; they also are involved in the provision of ADR services and the training of ADR providers.
Home page of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the Professional Organisation for Mediators and Adjudicators as well as Arbitrators.
Home page of the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution which was launched in 1990 with the support of The Confederation of British Industry. Its aim is to encourage and develop mediation and other cost-effective dispute resolution and prevention techniques in commercial and public-sector disputes and civil litigation. It works in partnership with business, governments and the judiciary, both in the UK and internationally, to develop effective dispute resolution practice.
Home page of ADR group, another body offering a range of ADR services including Early Neutral Evaluation, and Family Mediation.
Home page of an organisation which exists to promote the use of mediation to resolve civil and commercial disputes throughout the North of England. Has links to other regional associations of mediators.
The Advice Services Alliance ran a project called ADRNow, which offered links to a large range of ADR providers, services and schemes. This site provides links to research findings and ADR providers.
Site providing free information about the availability of mediation to resolve civil and commercial disputes. (see also Chapter 10)

Developments in civil justice
Home page of the Civil Justice Council, established to keep the reform of the Civil Justice system under constant review. It provides links to the work of the Council’s Committees.
Introduction to the Office of the Public Guardian. The role of the Public Guardian is to protect people who lack capacity from abuse. The office is the administrative arm of the Court of Protection and an Executive Agency within the MoJ. Established on the 1st of April 2001, it took over the mental health functions previously undertaken by the Public Trust Office. It is responsible for providing services which promote the financial and social wellbeing of people with mental incapacity. The PGO provides financial protection services for clients who are not able to manage their financial affairs because of mental incapacity. The incapacity may be related to an illness suffered by some older people (e.g. dementia), or the result of an accident or negligence (brain injury) or of mental illness (schizophrenia). Some people with learning difficulties may also be clients of the PGO. It is there to support the families and advisers of the person who is incapable, often after someone has applied to the Court of Protection to manage the incapacitated person's financial affairs.

Site introducing the work of High Court Enforcement Officers and bailiffs in the enforcement of judgments obtained from, respectively, the High Court and the county courts.
Home page of the merged offices of the Official Solicitor to the Supreme Court, and the Public Trustee. The Official Solicitor provides representation for minors or adults under legal disability, and sometimes others, in county court or High Court proceedings in England and Wales, and in the Court of Protection. The Public Trustee and the Official Solicitor can both act as personal representative of the estate of a deceased person and act as trustee of a trust.
Probate service website

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