Ministry of Justice
Home page for the Ministry of Justice.
Links to all the bodies sponsored by the MoJ.
Site giving basic information about the HM Courts and Tribunals service.

Site providing information about progress with the HMCTS reform programme.
Page providing an extensive range of links to the whole variety of departments and agencies involved in the Criminal Justice system - see also Chapter 5.
Home page of the Ministry of Justice Select Committee, which examines the expenditure, policy and administration of the MoJ and associated public bodies. Its remit therefore includes: constitutional issues; civil justice and the legal services market; civil court procedure and civil law; alternative dispute resolution; law reform and the Law Commission; family justice and the vulnerable; criminal justice; international and European matters affecting the criminal courts; the courts and tribunals; judicial matters and appointment of QCs; international legal matters. Site contains links to all its reports.

Related bodies
Home page of the Law Commission with links to all recent Consultation Papers and Reports as well as to other law reform agencies around the world.
Attorney-General’s homepage

Latest guidance on the rules relating to disclosure of evidence: see also chapter 5


Text of the concordat on the transfer of the Lord Chancellor’s judicial-related functions to the Lord Chief Justice
This is a good and informative site bringing together a lot of information about the judiciary, and also providing imaginative learning resources. Includes statistics on judicial appointments. Well worth a visit.

Introduction to the Judicial Office and the support it gives to the judiciary.
Home page of the Judicial College listing the training and other materials it provides for the judiciary; also contains links to its Annual Reports.

Link to the latest edition of the Equal Treatment Bench book.
Homepage of the Judicial Appointments Commission.

Information about diversity in the judiciary (revised annually)
Homepage of the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office.
Home page of the body that deals with the selection of Queen’s Counsel.

Home Office
Home page for the Home Office with extensive links to the different aspects of the work of the Home Office, including its work on criminal justice, police, offender management - see also Chapter 5.

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Home page for the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Legal services
Home page of the Ministry of Justice site relating to legal aid. Primarily for lawyers.
Basic information for the general public on the legal aid scheme.

Portal giving links to the Civil Legal Advice Service.

Page linking to the published outcomes of MoJ research projects.

Home pages for the Home Office research reports and statistical material.

Links to research undertaken by the Home Office.

Hub providing information about good practice, research and other matters relating to the operation of the Youth Justice system.
Home page of the Socio-legal Studies Association, a learned society of social scientists and lawyers active in socio-legal research - interdisciplinary research into law and the practice of law. Contains links to details of membership, conferences and training programmes.
Home page of the Society of Legal Scholars, the learned society for academic lawyers.
Homepage for the Centre of Empirical Legal Studies at University College London.

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