Chapter 4 Questions for reflection and discussion

  1. If the Chancellor of the Exchequer is not necessarily qualified as an economist, how experienced in the law should the Secretary of State for Justice be? How successful were those recent Lord Chancellors who had no legal qualifications?
  2. How can the independence of the judiciary be best protected? Should it be protected? Do you think that the independence of the judiciary is currently under threat ? If so, why do you think that is?
  3. Is the appraisal of judicial performance desirable? Can it be achieved without adversely affecting judicial independence?
  4. Should more be done to promote diversity in the judiciary?
  5. Should judges be elected (as they are in some courts in the United States of America)?
  6. Is judicial training desirable? How might it be developed?
  7. Should there be a national police force?
  8. Do you think the means of make the police accountable for their actions are adequate? What has been the effect of the creation of Police and Crime Commissioners?
  9. How can government policy making on justice issues be made more coherent?
  10. Should the Attorney General remain as a government minister or have a role more independent of government?
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