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This provides a contemporary overview of CBCT in orthodontics, focusing on selection criteria, dose reduction, and current guidance regarding reporting.


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These radiographic guidelines have been specifically written for orthodontics and provide an excellent overview of appropriate use of radiographic records in orthodontics.


Larson, B. E., Vaubel, C. J., and Grunheid, T. (2013). Effectiveness of computer-assisted orthodontic treatment technology to achieve predicted outcomes. Angle Orthodontist, 83, 557–62. [DOI: 10.2319/080612-635.1] [PubMed: 23181776]

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These two papers provide the reader with an insight into the development and applications of technology advances in orthodontics.


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This comprehensive article provides an excellent in-depth review of medical disorders that could affect orthodontic treatment.


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This paper provides an overview of the important topic of smile aesthetics.


Sarver, D. M. (2016). Special considerations in diagnosis and treatment planning. In: Graber, L., Vanarsdall, R., Vig, K., and Huang, G. (eds) Orthodontics: Current Principles and Techniques (6th edn), pp. 245–88. St. Louis, MO: Elsevier.

This chapter provides a detailed overview of diagnosis and treatment planning in orthodontics, with an emphasis on aesthetics.

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