The Democrat elected the 28th president of the United States in 1912 was _________. A Progressive, he devised a program called the New Freedom that would allow a lean but powerful government to return competition and economic mobility to the marketplace. While he entered office intending a program of reform, the Great War in Europe occupied a great deal of his attention.

__________ was the 1912 Socialist Party candidate for president.

An attempt to make government more democratic included the _____, which allowed voters to place legislation on the ballot by petition; the ______, which let the legislature put proposals on the ballot; and the ______, which gave voters the chance to remove officials from office before the end of their terms.

_________ grew up in affluent surroundings in Fort Wayne, Indiana, attended medical school at the University of Michigan, later going on to do advanced work in bacteriology and pathology at Leipzig and Munich. She was well known for her work concerning occupational disease.

__________ are voluntary and professional societies that educated and socialized voters and even made policy. Patterned after corporations, these groups worked outside the system to gather support for a particular cause or proposal.