began holding informal Bible discussion meetings in her home. She was put on trial for slandering the ministry. After she was convicted, she left for Rhode Island, where she co-founded the colony with Roger Williams.

was the first governor of the English Puritan settlement in Massachusetts. His vision of the Puritan colony as a "city upon a hill" served as a metaphor for Puritan views about their role in the world.

was the daughter of the chief of the Powhatan. She served as a cultural ambassador and diplomat—a traditional role for women in the matrilineal Powhatan culture. After her conversion to Christianity and marriage to Rolfe, she bore one son, moved to England, and died of smallpox in 1617.

began in response to English efforts to subjugate the Powhatan Indians. Three different conflicts between 1610 and 1646 ended with the English possession of the land between the James and York Rivers.

was a Puritan whose beliefs resulted in him being banished to Rhode Island, where he and Anne Hutchinson established a new colony.