Neuroscience 6e Chapter 16 Outline

Lower Motor Neuron Circuits and Motor Control


Neural Centers Responsible for Movement

Motor Neuron–Muscle Relationships

The Motor Unit

Regulation of Muscle Force

BOX 16A Motor Unit Plasticity

The Spinal Cord Circuitry Underlying Muscle Stretch Reflexes

Modifying the Gain of Muscle Stretch Reflexes

The Spinal Cord Circuitry Underlying the Regulation of Muscle Force

Complementary Functions of Muscle Spindles and Golgi Tendon Organs

Flexion Reflex Pathways

Spinal Cord Circuitry and Locomotion

BOX 16B Locomotion in the Leech and the Lamprey

The Lower Motor Neuron Syndrome

CLINICAL APPLICATIONS: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis