Neuroscience 6e Chapter 14 Outline

Neuroscience 6e Chapter 14 Outline

The Vestibular System


The Vestibular Labyrinth

Vestibular Hair Cells

Otolith Organs: The Utricle and Saccule

How Otolith Neurons Sense Head Tilts and Translational Head Movements

Semicircular Canals

How Semicircular Canal Neurons Sense Head Rotations

Central Pathways for Stabilizing Gaze, Head, and Posture

CLINICAL APPLICATIONS: Clinical Evaluation of the Vestibular System

BOX 14A Mauthner Cells in Fish

Vestibular–Cerebellar Pathways

Vestibular Pathways to the Thalamus and Cortex

Spatial Orientation Perception and Multisensory Integration

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