Neuroscience 6e Chapter 13 Outline

Neuroscience 6e Chapter 13 Outline

The Auditory System



The Audible Spectrum

A Synopsis of Auditory Function

CLINICAL APPLICATIONS: Hearing Loss: Causes and Treatments

The External Ear

The Middle Ear

The Inner Ear

Hair Cells and the Mechanoelectrical Transduction of Sound Waves

BOX 13A The Sweet Sound of Distortion

The Ionic Basis of Mechanotransduction in Hair Cells

The Hair Cell Mechanoelectrical Transduction Channel

The Cochlear Amplifier

Tuning and Timing in the Auditory Nerve

How Information from the Cochlea Reaches Targets in the Brainstem

Integrating Information from the Two Ears

Monaural Pathways from the Cochlear Nucleus to the Nuclei of the Lateral Lemniscus

Integration in the Inferior Colliculus

The Auditory Thalamus

The Auditory Cortex

BOX 13B Representing Complex Sounds in the Brains of Bats and Humans

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