Chapter 19 Closer Look 7: The Flight of Aeneas from Troy

Morford 11e Chapter 19 Image 19.15

The Flight of Aeneas from Troy

The Flight of Aeneas from Troy, by Federico Barocci (1535–1612); oil on canvas, 1598, 17 ½ 3 101 in. Barocci faithfully represents Vergil’s narrative. The central group of Aeneas, Ascanius, and Anchises (who is clutching the household gods of Troy) is separated from Creusa, who falls behind. In the foreground are Aeneas’ shield and spear, now useless, while in the background is a round temple, the Tempietto of the Roman church of San Pietro in Montorio, in the portico and gallery of which men are fighting. Beside the temple is the column of Marcus Aurelius, and in the flames behind are the figures of the gods hostile to Troy. Barocci’s signature is on the base of the newel-post on the left.

Source: Alinari/Art Resource, NY

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