Chapter 19 Closer Look 6: The Building of the Trojan Horse

Morford 11e Chapter 19 Image 19.13

The Building of the Trojan Horse

The Building of the Trojan Horse, by Giovanni Domenico Tiepolo (1727–1804); oil on canvas, 1773, 76 3 141 in. This huge painting is the only survivor of three final versions of a series on The Fall of Troy, for which all three preparatory oil sketches exist. The massive horse dominates the composition, as workmen with their tools and ladders swarm over it. To the left two figures stand on a rock outside the walls of Troy, probably Epeus (gesturing) and, behind him, Odysseus disguised with a turban and ill-fitting cloak. In the background are the walls of Troy, in front of which a warrior, a woman with a baby, and a servant (possibly, if improbably, Hector and his family) observe the building, while other Trojans look down from the tower on the left.

Source: Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art/Art Resource, NY

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