Aging and Social Policy

14.1 Outline the major challenges faces by older populations

14.2 Explain how the government measures aging

14.3 Illustrate the impact of environmental deterioration on older individuals

14.4 Explain the discrepancies in poverty among older Americans

14.5 Compare and contrast conservative, liberal, and radical theories regarding the government's role in addressing the negative aspects of aging

14.6 Compare and contrast the major social programs for older populations and identify their strengths and weaknesses

14.7 Identify the three major programs that provide healthcare to older Americans

14.8 Describe common mental health problems faced by aging Americans

14.9 Identify the additional services that should be provided for an aging population

14.10 Describe how changes in today's society require social policy reform for older Americans

14.11 Outline social issues that need to be addressed to secure the wellbeing of older Americans

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