Social Services for Children and Families

11.1 Evaluate the role of social welfare in child and family wellbeing

11.2 Describe the criteria for the social indicators that are used to measure the need for social services

11.3 Outline the structure of the child and family services program

11.4 Explain the three criteria for measuring success in child and family services

11.5 Compare and contrast the treatment and rights of children in the United States versus other parts of the world

11.6 Determine the consequences of failing to protect today's children

11.7 Characterize the effects of the environment on the wellbeing of children

11.8 Establish social justice as a child right

11.9 Compare and contrast conservative, liberal, and radical theories on the proper care for children and families and identify their strengths and weaknesses

11.10 Identify the two major welfare sections of the Social Security Act and identify the three pieces of legislation that have defined child and family policy for over three decades

11.11 Analyze the changing circumstances and new realities that are creating stress on our current welfare system

11.12 Identify the national organizations that advocate for children's issues

11.13 Examine the impact of technology on the future of child welfare

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