Gay Marriage (The Guardian)
The Guardian newspaper’s homepage for news related to same-sex marriage from around the world.

Holocaust Denial on Trial
Perhaps of use to those interested in whether Holocaust Denial should be tolerated, this website documents a well-known libel trial of 2000, in which the Revisionist historian David Irving tried (and failed) to defend his claims and methodology against criticisms by author Deborah Lipstadt. Lipstadt's blog, in which she discusses responses to Holocaust Denial and anti-Semitism, can be read here:

Interfaith Youth Core
The website of an American non-profit organization that works with college campuses to promote religious toleration and cooperation.

International Day for Tolerance
Information on the UN's International Day for Tolerance, held annually on 16th November. Includes links to relevant UN documents and initiatives.

John Locke
A page maintained on the Oregon State University website giving details of Locke's life and works, with links to full online copies of his major works, including A Letter Concerning Toleration.

Lessons in Tolerance
Classroom materials, student and teacher forums, and other resources from the City College of San Francisco.

Online Library of Liberty
A selection of key historical writings on religious toleration, by John Locke, Samuel von Pufendorf, William Findley, and William Penn.

Philosophy Bites
John Dunn discusses Locke’s position on toleration, whilst Wendy Brown discusses her views on tolerance (a term which she uses, note, in preference to ‘toleration’).

Stanford Encylopedia of Philosophy
Entry on toleration.
Website maintained by followers of various religions, plus atheists, calling for religious tolerance in the US and Canada; various essays on the achievement of religious tolerance, plus perspectives on issues such as abortion and homosexuality.

Home page of the well-known UK-based lesbian, gay, and bisexual rights lobbyists.