Centre for Deliberative Democracy
The Centre for Deliberative Democracy at Stanford University conducts research into Deliberative Polling. Contains plenty of information on how Deliberative Polling works, and the results of past polls.
The website of the Deliberative Democracy Consortium, a group which promotes deliberative democracy in the US and abroad.

Electoral Reform Society
A group which campaigns for a change to the British electoral system from ‘first-past-the-post’ to the ‘Single Transferable Vote’.

Freedom House
A renowned independent watchdog that monitors the state of freedom and democracy across the world.

HM Government e-petitions
Since 2011, British citizens have been able to start and sign online petitions which, if signed by 100,000 people,will be considered for parliamentary debate. The Obama White House has a similar scheme, called ‘We The People’, here:

Philosophy Bites
Podcasts in which Anne Phillips discusses the representation of women in a representative democracy, Robert Talisse discusses the importance of democratic argument, and Talisse argues that you can overdo democracy.
A campaign for an elected British head of state.

Forum for Philosophy
Discussion of the place of democracy in the workplace.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Entries on democracy, citizenship, public justification, and political representation.

Timeline: Democracy's Rocky Road
Interactive timeline charting the development of democracy worldwide from 4000 BC onwards, as compiled by the BBC News website.